October 2019 Newslette

Yoga for a Radiant Heart, Body, and Mind 

with Todd Norian

October 25–27
Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA

Join Todd and the YTA for a weekend of empowerment 
and transformation
. See details below and register today

The Yoga Teachers Association Proudly Presents

Flowing into Wholeness:

Yoga of Energy Flow

and Qigong

 with  Daniel Orlansky 

Saturday, October 12
1:30-4:30 pm 

Club Fit*
584 North State Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

The practices of yoga and qigong are paths up the same mountain, from which the one moon of higher consciousness can be seen in all its brilliance. Strength and flexibility (ability to hold firm) through yoga and suppleness (ability to yield) through qigong becomes a unified practice that balances yin and yang, heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female. 

In this workshop we will explore the concept of effortless flow through qigong exercises and then bring the same ease of motion into sequences from Daniel’s Yoga of Energy Flow. The effects of these graceful and gentle movements are powerful—detoxifying the body and increasing strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. 

Join us to learn breathing exercises to enhance life energy, qigong exercises to open the meridians, meditative flow in yoga sequences, and concentration techniques for mental clarity. 

Daniel Orlansky, MA, ERYT-500, is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga, and Kundalini Yoga and is the originator of Meridian Yoga. He holds a Master’s degree in expressive art therapy/dance therapy and has been a visiting lecturer at Tufts University. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, Daniel teaches regularly at the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute, and in Europe, and also directs yoga teacher trainings worldwide. He has codirected two yoga DVDs: Hands-On! Skillful Assists for Yoga Asana and Yoga and Vision Improvement

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*Please note that unless otherwise specified, YTA workshops are now being held in Studio 4 on the first floor.

Workshops are $45 members / $65 nonmembers in advance ($55 / $75 at the door).

Preregistration is highly recommended in order to guarantee a space in the workshop.
Cancellation within 24 hours of a workshop may result in forfeiture of the registration fee.


Yoga and Qigong

by  Daniel Orlansky

From the base of the mountain, many paths. From the peak, only one moon. 

While yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, qigong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. For me, they are different paths up the same mountain; the goal of each is to improve the health of the body, to calm and clarify the mind, and to strengthen connection to the human spirit and humanity. These forms complement each other so well that for me a synthesis of yoga and qigong as a practice has become the most potent combination for improving my life and the lives of my students. 

Looking at each system separately (and I know I’m speaking in broad categorizations), yoga has been described as the “union of body, mind, and spirit.” The physical practices of yoga are geared toward the cultivation of strength and flexibility in the body. As I see it, for the most part the postures of yoga are quite lineal, with straight lines and angles predominating. Alignment and precision are not only important, but required; to really stretch the body we need to bring sustained effort to opening the connective tissue in ways that do not injure. This requires correct technique, time, and skillful application of effort. 

Qigong translates as “life energy cultivation” and utilizes practices that enhance the flow of life force in our bodies. The exercises often involve connecting breath with gentle, circular, flowing movements, bringing suppleness to the body and flexibility to the mind. It is this suppleness that allows the free flow of healing life force (Qi) and connects one to authentic being. Through qigong practice the senses are cleansed, and the movement of energy is experienced as pure joy.

These two systems, yoga and qigong, are not at odds with each other. On the contrary, they are mutually supportive paths up the same mountain, from which the one moon can be seen in all its brilliance: strength and flexibility through yoga (ability to hold firm) and suppleness (ability to hold yield) through qigong 

So, in the end, the objective is to meld the linear (expansion in all directions) and the circular (return to the source), creating a practice that improves strength, flexibility, and suppleness. This brings balance to yin and yang, heaven and earth, sun and moon, and male and female. Dancing with this “pair of opposites” brings balance to the whole being, and connects us to all of nature. 

Learn more about Daniel at yogaofenergyflow.com.


2019–2020 Events

Daniel Orlansky: Flowing into WholenessYoga of Energy Flow and Qigong 

October 12 

Details and registration info in this newsletter and at ytayoga.com

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Yoga for a Radiant Heart, Body, and Mind with Todd Norian
October 25–27 (Friday, 4 pm, to Sunday, 12 noon)

*Our second annual retreat at the Himalayan Institute

Using the therapeutic alignment techniques and empowering Tantric philosophy of his Ashaya Yoga method, Todd will safely guide you into a variety of spiritually uplifting poses that open your world to new levels of transformation. Over the course of this magical weekend you’ll increase your strength, flexibility, and inner resolve to face the challenges of life and know greater freedom and joy. Program registration booked through YTA; meals and accommodations booked through HI. 

November 9
Yoga and Scoliosis: Principles and Practice
Alison West 
Idiopathic scoliosis (of unknown origin), which develops most commonly among young people, and degenerative scoliosis, which occurs as a result of the aging process, will be the main focus of this workshop. Alison will discuss how scoliosis works and share valuable teaching techniques gleaned from her years of studying anatomy and kinesiology to help students visualize their scoliosis more effectively. 

December 14
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: Exploring the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Sandra Anderson
The HYP is a tantric text describing practices that focus on prana, the life force. Untrained, the pranic force runs according to instinct, social conditioning, and deep-seated distorted perceptions. As a result, we are likely to find our vitality exhausted and experience a vague sense of inner unrest. Sandra will discuss why working with prana is essential in these modern times and how the Pradipika’s tantric hatha yoga leads to mastery of the mind.

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More information on the following workshops to come soon!

Ingrid Bacci: Yoga Meets the Alexander Technique
January 11

Mona Anand: Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga 

February 8

Deirdre Breen: Mudras: Empower Your Practice and Your Teaching
March 14

Stan Woodman: Tristana: The Three Pillars of Ashtanga Yoga
April 11

Lee Albert: Yoga for Pain Relief: Steps to an Extraordinary Life
May 9

Tao Porchon-Lynch: Eternal Youth Through Yoga
June 13


Words of Wisdom

from Paula Renuka Heitzner

Dear All, 

The month of October brings the gifts and glory of Fall along with the energy of anticipation as the calendar approaches the colorful holiday season and the advent of a new year. We, too, feel this surge of expectancy, and with the foresight gained from past experience, we know what it means in terms of our personal energy output to meet the many demands placed on all our resources—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let's hope that we will turn to our yoga practice to support the ability needed to substantiate our accountability to meet these obligations.

Our yoga breathing can keep us calm in the wake of the calamities likely to occur at this time. We ground, center, and align, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally with all the tasks at hand. This keeps us operating at the level of efficiency that gets our jobs completed with satisfaction and joy, also the by-products of yogic endeavors. Yoga helps us to keep focused on the light and joy that is our birthright.

We recognize that breath is the fuel that runs our body and the pranayama practice can create  E-E-E-E-E-Ease in this life:

  • Expand as we inhale.
  • Enter center as we begin to exhale.
  • Extend the torso as we continue to clear toxins.
  • Engage energy created by the breath. 
  • Empower the self.
  • Engender joy and light.

When we allow the asanas to open the physical pathways of our body, we experience the emotional comfort of stretching and strengthening, reinforcing self-esteem and feelings of competency, all of which balances anxiety, confusion, and chaos. 

Our practice also teaches us to stay in the now, so enjoy the brisk Fall weather, the beautiful displays  of color and the bracing assurance that you will meet all and every future demand showing up, with the courage, capability, and conviction created by your practice.

Avail yourself of the monthly workshop YTA brings to the yoga community on the second Saturday of every month from 1:30 to 4:30 pm at Club Fit in Briarcliff—3 hours in which to reinforce and reclaim the joy and light in your life that will shine wherever and whenever needed.

Yours in yoga, 
Paula Renuka Heitzner


Your Thoughts

What Specific Mind-Body Practices Reduce Inflammation?

Inflammation in the body indicates an imbalance usually stemming from poor health and bad habits. Mind-body therapies reduce markers of inflammation. Concentrating on the breath helps to establish strength and balance in the physiological systems of the body (digestion, elimination, respiration, and circulation) and the asanas, when done correctly, bring alignment to the body enabling the Prana and life force to heal from within. The dietary principles of  sound nutrition are necessary and so is self-reflection and relaxation to off-set agitation and stress.

Savasana is extremely beneficial to balance, heal, and restore the body's systems. Rest and breath relieve and remove fatigue, a major component in inflammation.

This section is dedicated to answering your questions about yoga—as a student or as a teacher. Questions? Comments? Send them  to  ytaeditor@gmail.com or go to our Facebook page. Tell us your thoughts!

Paula Heitzner, ERYT–500, is a Master Yoga Teacher. She has taught yoga for over 50 years and has trained many others to teach the time-honored principles, practices, and philosophy of yoga. The “teacher of teachers,” as she is called by her students, teaches at the New Age Center in Nyack. 

Learn more about Paula at nyackyogacenter.com.


From YTA's September workshop
Ravi Singh


Member Events 

YTA members (individuals & studios) are invited to include their events here. Send details to ytaeditor@gmail.com by the 15th of the month to be included in the following month’s newsletter. Member events are also posted in YTA's online directorythe source for information about yoga teachers, studios, and yoga teacher trainings throughout the Hudson Valley. To be included, individual and studio members may send their information to ytadirectory@gmail.com.

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Gina Callender
Karmic Yoga

Yin/Restorative Class 

Oct 18 (Fri, 7-8:30 pm)
at Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio
109 Croton Avenue, Suite 205, Ossining, NY

Join Gina for a juicy 90-minute yin and restorative class to stretch and relax your way into the weekend. Proceeds from this class are 100% donated to the Crossover Yoga Project. Please consider bringing a friend and spreading the word! For more info, go to Karmic Yoga on Facebook$20 suggested donation

Iyengar Yoga Scarsdale/Greenwich

Nancy Kardon
74 Brewster Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583


299 Greenwich Avenue, 3rd Fl

Greenwich, CT 06830



Pranayama: A Gateway Practice to Meditation and Living Yoga

Oct 5 (Sat, 1:30-3 pm)
Prana is energy. We work with our vital energy with breath as a tool. A regular yoga practice is necessary to be able to work in a "less is more" way with the breath. In Iyengar Yoga, we spend years in asana practice to learn how to connect with the skeletal body before beginning more subtle work with the breath. $25 (cash or check)

Sutra Tea with Nancy Kardon 
Oct 5 (Sat, 3:15-4:40 pm)
Study and share with the Yoga Sutras as our springboard guide. Preregister please. No fee, but feel free to bring something to share (edible and otherwise) 

Iyengar Yoga Fundamentals 

Oct 26 (Sat, 11:45 am-12:45 pm)
Learn some Iyengar Yoga basics. In this method we use alignment as a tool to quiet the mind. Instead of continual motion, we see what happens when you do a specific action. Preregister by email. Free to those new to this studio.           

Scoliosis & Back Care 
Oct 26 (Sat, 1:45-3:15 pm)
Learn about your asymetry: what moves out and what moves in; what is overworking and what is underworking. Learn how to bring balance. We use the rope wall and other traction action as we practice. Open to all yoga practitioners. Preregister by email. $25

Riverstone Yoga
Contact: Laura Beam
2 Hudson View Way
Tarrytown, NY 10591
914-332-YOGA (9642)

Flips & Tricks: Teen Aerial Series with Larissa
Oct 5 (Sat, 1-2:30 pm)
Aerial yoga gives you the opportunity to explore the mind-body connection on and off ground! It will be a fun class designed specifically for youth ages ~12 through 16. $90 for 3-class package

Full Moon Ceremony with Sarah Brianna
Oct 11 (Fri, 7:30-9 pm)
Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Sarah Brianna will guide you through a meditative journey to go deep into your own personal wisdom and strengthen your relationship with your soul. In the shamanic world, everything is alive and connected, bearing an inherent virtue, power, and wisdom. Full moons are a time for making space. It is a time to let go of what is no longer serving you in order to step into alignment. This one of a kind ceremony will help you feel your roots deepen as you rise toward your highest self. $40

Flight & Sound with Caryna & Sarah
Oct 18 (Fri, 7:30-9:30 pm)
We start with an active beginner level aerial class where we access our core and flight energy, removing physical blocks, and work our way into a nidra followed by a sound healing in the hammocks where you can float, relax, release, and be enveloped by the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. $60

An Intro to Principles of Ayurveda with Caryn
Oct 19 (Sat, 1-3 pm)
An overview of the principles of Ayurveda so that you can better understand your own personal constitution. $40-50

An Intro to Kundalini Yoga with Sara
Oct 26 (Sat, 1-3 pm)
Known as the Yoga of Awareness. Learn common breathing techniques, movements, mudras, and knowledge to create a foundation for Kundalini Yoga practice. $30-50

Yoga Culture
Kristine Habersang
105 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811

Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditation and Relaxation with Allison Ray Jeraci
Oct 4 (Fri, 7:30-8:30 pm)
Bring your chronically exhausted and overstimulated self. Experience full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness that leads to the relief of stress, restful sleep, and greater sense of harmony and balance throughout your daily life. When practiced on a regular basis, yoga nidra can also help to balance emotions, resolve trauma, and solve interpersonal problems through self-inquiry and deep reflection. $20 by Oct 3, $30 thereafter 

Anatomy and Asana of the Spine with Aviva Salpeter
Oct 6 (Sun, 2-3:30 pm)
Go in depth into spinal anatomy and learn how that facilitates spinal movement in each section of the spine. Do gentle to deeper backbends involving stabilizing the pelvis and hips and learn how to move each individual vertebrae, for deeper poses. Twists will warm down the workshop, unwinding and relaxing the back muscles. $35 

Deep Restorative Semi-Private with Beth Perlman
Oct 7 (Mon, 6-7 pm)
Just when you thought you couldn't love restorative more! Join Beth for this super propped practice that supports this well-crafted restorative sequence. Come rest and breathe into a richer restorative experience. $35

Revolving Shapes Through Space: Triangle with Allison Ray Jeraci
Oct 11 (Fri, 7:30-9 pm)
In the physical practice of yoga, the body repeats the same overarching shapes in different orientations and relationships to gravity. Explore the shape of triangle and work through its various expressions and changes in alignment in standing poses, single-legged and arm balances, and restorative poses. This will be a propped-based workshop. Level 2 and up. $35 before Oct 3, $45 thereafter

Sound Bath Meditation with Jessica Bonds
Oct 18 (Fri, 7:30-9 pm)
Oftentimes we hold blockages in our body, which may manifest is a host of different ways including stress, anxiety, depression, physical ailments, and anger. Relax, rejuvenate, and realign in a supported supine position while you take in the sounds of various instruments including tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tings has, gongs, shruti box, ocean drum, rain stick, and a host of other instruments to assist you in achieving a very deep meditative state. Then your body can react to the vibrations, which allows it to reset, oftentimes improving health, creativity, and facilitating growth. $35 by Oct 10, $45 thereafter

Tune Up Your Legs! with Rachel Goulet
Oct 19 (Sat, 10-11:30 am)
Is your bridge pose in need of some maintenance? Do you wonder if your calves are actually doing anything? Find the answer to these questions and more. Learn to identify weakness in your legs along with what you can do to help strengthen those areas. This will be an active level 2 class. If you'd like to challenge yourself further bring a light dumbbell, everything else is provided. Please bring weights no heavier than 8 lb. $25 before Oct 10, $35 thereafter

Fold into Fall with Kristine Habersang
Oct 25 (Fri, 7:30-9 pm)
As we move from the long, warm days of Summer to the crisp, cool days of Fall our inclination is to turn inward—both physically and mentally. Embrace the change of season through the exploration of forward folds. Poses known to stretch and strengthen the low body and create length in the spine are also beneficial for welcoming pratyahara, a withdrawal of the senses. Turning off the outside world and folding into ourselves invites time for internal introspection and exploration. $25 by Oct 27, $35 thereafter


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