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ZOOM-ONLY: Yoga Pedagogy—Dogma, Somatics, and the Language of Empowerment with J. Brown

  • 09/10/2022
  • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • via Zoom
  • 65


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This workshop is taking place in-person at Club Fit, with a Zoom-only option.

If you register from this page, you will be registered for Zoom-only attendance  (+recording).

To register for in-person, click here.

A paradigm shift is taking place and the process of teaching and learning yoga is changing as a result. 

Many teachers who began their study of yoga before it became mainstream were exposed to a very different experience of learning yoga compared to those who discovered it after the advent of the internet and the fitness orientation that became predominant. Also, many of the guru traditions have fallen into some ill repute with revelations of abuse and misgivings. Reconciling the benefits of learning in more traditional ways with the scandals that have befallen them has been a challenge. 

In working through these changes, many have turned to other somatic movement modalities and resources. Some of these systems offer new language and insights that encourage less dogma and more individual empowerment.  

Nonetheless, for many others, something about yoga remains unique. Exploring how other movement modalities, and different philosophical viewpoints, might be incorporated into yoga instruction is leading to new pedagogy and teacher/student relationship dynamics.  

In this workshop, we will have a gentle practice that incorporates some of these new ideas and language, and engage in some discussion around the experience of the participants. 

Recommended props: A chair for anyone who is not comfortable on the floor. Bolsters and blankets are nice but not required. Nothing else is needed.


A recording will be made available to all registrants for two weeks following the workshop.


J. Brown is a yoga teacher, podcaster, and writer living in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has been challenging the boundaries of conversation in the yoga world for the last  20+ years, first through his blog and then through his industry-leading podcast: “J. Brown Yoga Talks.” He currently facilitates weekly live classes and discussions, as well as more in-depth training in the contemplative and transformative aspects of yoga practice. 

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