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Why aren't I included in the YTA Directory?

Inclusion in the YTA directory is a benefit for all active members. If you're not a member or your membership has lapsed, your profile will not display. If you are an active member, to make your profile visible to the public:

  • Log in to the YTA site
  • Navigate to the Privacy tab
  • Check "Show profile to others"
  • Set all fields that you want to be displayed online to "Anybody." 
  • To edit your profile details, click on View Profile and edit as necessary. 
  • Click on the "View profile" button to see how it will be displayed on the site.
Can I opt out of automatic renewals?

Memberships that are renewed from April 2024 through March 2025 and all new memberships activated from April 2024 on are automatically set to auto renew. You cannot opt out of this during the payment process. However, once payment has been processed, you can log in to your profile and click on "Stop recurring payments" option there.

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