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  • Introduction to Gentle Somatic Yoga® with James Knight

Introduction to Gentle Somatic Yoga® with James Knight

  • 12/10/2022
  • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • via Zoom
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Repattern Muscles from Head to Toe!

Join James Knight, founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga®, and discover for yourself why Gentle Somatic Yoga has gained world-wide recognition for offering immediate and lasting relief from chronic pain, stiffness, and other tension-based patterns. In this workshop, you will be invited to explore this innovative method that combines Hatha Yoga, Hanna Somatic Education, Core Energetics, pranayama, quantum physics, and healing meditations.

Learn how to address the root cause of muscular pain through therapeutic and corrective sequences called Somatic Movement Flows®. These Flows can significantly improve flexibility, strength, posture, and freedom in everyday movement. Through a process of brain-to-muscle repatterning most people find beneficial results that are immediate and long lasting. In this experiential 3-hour workshop, be ready to be inspired into deeper levels of self-care and self-healing.Gentle Somatic Yoga® is unparalleled in terms of its capacity to nourish, liberate, and enhance the vitality of the Soma (whole self).

In this experiential 3-hour workshop, be ready to be inspired into deeper levels of self-care and self-healing. All sessions will be recorded and available for up to 30 days after each event. You will be guided through therapeutic movement sequences called Somatic Movement Flows®. 

These easy and reliable sequences will help you dissolve internal stress holding patterns, significantly improve flexibility, and re-establish good posture. Instead of traditional stretching, you will learn how to reeducate the mind to muscle connection through a technique called pandiculation. 

After each movement class within the workshop, there will be a “learning laboratory” to review each Somatic Movement Flow in detail, along with tips and modifications so you can tailor this practice for your specialty niche. Also, there is a presentation in every course to review the history, neuroscience, philosophy, and method of Gentle Somatic Yoga.

Recommended props: blankets, blocks, a chair--whatever helps you to feel comfortable!

A recording link will be shared with registrants by December 14 and will be available for 30 days following the workshop.

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The Zoom meeting link will be sent to registrants automatically in the registration confirmation upon receipt of payment.

Please ensure you have the link well before the start of the workshop—check your junk/spam folder!

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James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE, is one of the early pioneers to bridge yoga and Somatics. Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is the culmination of his life’s work as an experienced yoga teacher, certified Hanna Somatic Educator, body-oriented psychotherapist, movement educator, and author. James trains and certifies yoga teachers, yoga therapists, bodyworkers, and other healthcare professionals through in-person, online, and livestreaming courses. As well, he leads international Somatic Wellness and Adventure Retreats. 

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