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  • Being Present in Chaos and Peace: Tortoise and the Hare with Judy Weaver

Being Present in Chaos and Peace: Tortoise and the Hare with Judy Weaver

  • 02/11/2023
  • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Via Zoom
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This workshop is being held via ZOOM ONLY.

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This workshop will provide a fundamental understanding and awareness of your state of being or state of your nervous system. Being Present in Chaos and Peace is the ability to correctly interpret the bodymind’s messages and respond appropriately under different levels of stress conditions. The basic premise of Judy's work is the concept that “being present” is physiological not psychological
an individual has a felt sense inventory of all their body parts. Learn how you can develop an internal awareness of when and how to self-regulate by using the bodymind’s GPS, or vestibular system, to manage stress. Come away with an understanding of what the vestibular system is and how to interpret and integrate the body’s messages. Consciously integrating all these systems is our superpower to self-regulation and the foundation for mindfulness. 

We will use evidence-based trauma-conscious yoga protocol—asana, pranayama, and meditation—to develop your inner awareness by synchronizing breath, movement, and consciousness for greater resiliency. 

Recommended props: mat, blocks, and a strap

A recording will be made available to registrants for two weeks following the workshop.

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The Zoom meeting link will be sent to registrants automatically in the registration confirmation upon receipt of payment.

Please ensure you have the link well before the start of the workshop—check your junk/spam folder! We cannot guarantee technical help the day of the workshop.

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Judy Weaver is an author, yoga therapist, and teacher’s teacher with over 35 years of experience. She is the founder of Connected Warriors and Bodymind Recalibration, and cofounder of Yoga Unify–a new paradigm for yoga education and professionalism. Judy is an expert in post-traumatic-growth, developed evidence-based Trauma-Conscious Yoga protocols, and participated on Yoga Alliance Standard Review, Advisory Board, and IAYT’s Competency Evaluation team. She serves on two other 501(c)(3) boards: Israel Heart2Heart, which provides mentorship mindfulness in Israel; and South Florida Social Entrepreneurs, a chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance, catalysts for social enterprise and sustainable social impact. She lives in South Florida with her husband and their two Maine Coon cats.

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