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  • So Much More Than Stretching: Teaching Chair Yoga Stretch with Beatrice Mattaway

So Much More Than Stretching: Teaching Chair Yoga Stretch with Beatrice Mattaway

  • 01/13/2024
  • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Club Fit, 584 N. State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY
  • 75


Studies are showing more and more how vital the practice of stretching is to our overall health and  well-being. No longer is stretching relegated to pre- or post-workout, with its only goal being to help avoid  injury from intense exercise. The benefits of deep and focused stretching go far beyond injury  prevention.

 In this class, done mostly while seated on chairs, you will learn how to stretch each muscle group deeply  and safely, from the head, down to the toes. This type of class is suitable for everyone, and particularly  ideal for athletes, seniors, pregnant women, and anyone with injuries that prevent sitting on the floor.  Regular stretching will enhance any yoga practice but is also great for those who have never tried, don't  like, or don't think they can do regular yoga, giving yoga teachers and studios an alternative class to  bring in students that normally would shun a “yoga” class.  

In this workshop we will learn:

  • When to be seated in chairs vs floor or standing
  • The anatomy of stretch
  • Dynamic stretch vs static stretch
  • Reaching while grounding–moving from a powerful base
  • Breath as the energy that moves the muscles
  • The joint’s ambrosia–synovial fluid
  • The importance of checking in
  • How to use visualization to help deepen the process
  • Contraindications and accommodations
  • The use of props
  • Adding a balance pose
  • Savasana options

Recommended Props:

  • A chair
  • Two blocks
  • A yoga strap
  • A yoga mat
  • NOTE: Club Fit has limited props, so please bring your own if you have them.

Beatrice B. Mattaway, E-RYT 500, YACEP, is the founder and owner of Willow Tree Yoga. She received her 200- and 500- hour Yoga Alliance certification through Yoga Mountain in New City. Beatrice took her first yoga class and  began meditating when she was 6 years old, living in Japan. In her early 30s, she spent two years living in  an ashram in India, where she practiced yoga, meditation, and chanting daily. Beatrice encourages her  students to deeply experience the poses by taking time to see how the mind and the body responds to the work done in class. Not one to take herself too seriously, Beatrice’s classes are very relaxed, sprinkled with silliness and humor, allowing her students, from advanced to absolute beginners, to feel totally welcomed and safe to explore yoga in a very personal way. Class intensity varies depending on the  experience and  ability level of students in any given class.

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