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  • Starting Off on the Right Foot—New Perspectives on the Feet, and Why They Matter with Doug Keller

Starting Off on the Right Foot—New Perspectives on the Feet, and Why They Matter with Doug Keller

  • 04/13/2024
  • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Club Fit/Briarcliff Manor and via Zoom
  • 75


It has been traditional to treat the ‘foundation’ of the feet as having ‘four corners’ that are meant to be equally ‘grounded.’ But this idea is both static, and doesn’t really fit the anatomy of the feet. This session will offer a different, more dynamic perspective on the feet that stands on firmer anatomical ground.

Our feet — and knowing how to use them — provide a key to not only the health of your feet and ankles, but also your knees and hips. The most fundamental poses of yoga — the standing poses — are tools for improving wellness in these joints, and strengthening the muscles that maintain their health.

We will link principles of working dynamically with the feet to techniques for assessing movement and posture, and how improvement of these patterns is possible through asana work focused on actions of the feet.

The practice will include further reinforce these simple principles for working with your feet, knees, and hips, and an all-levels practice that involves moving through series of poses while keeping these principles in mind.

This is both a ‘learning’ and ‘doing’ experience. You’ll find the explanations insightful and accessible, and that you’ll easily be able to incorporate these ideas into your own body, as well as inspiration to carry this practice forward in your own life, even if for just a few minutes a day.

Doug Keller’s background reflects a lifelong commitment to the vast field of yoga. After receiving degrees in philosophy from Georgetown and Fordham University and teaching philosophy at a college level, he pursued a practical experience of yoga at the ashram Gurudev Siddha Peeth in India—which in turn also led him to the practice of hatha yoga as part of his overall experience of yoga. From years of study, practice, and teaching, he has produced widely used and highly respected books on asana, yoga as therapy, pranayama, and yoga philosophy, and he teaches hatha yoga workshops and trainings in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has been a regular columnist for Yoga International magazine for three years and continues to provide courses and trainings for YI online, and has also written on therapeutic topics for Yoga Journal. His popularity as a teacher comes from his ability to deepen people’s experience of yoga through clear, simple, and direct instructions that are easy to practice and remember. And he does it with lightness and light.

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