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Deirdre Breen's Ojas Tonic Recipe

02/11/2018 1:21 PM | Anonymous
Participants of Saturday's Ayurveda and Yoga workshop with Deirdre Breen were treated to a taste of this delicious elixir at the close of the day. Here is Deirdre's recipe.

Ojas Nightly Tonic Recipe
1. Add small amounts of these to one cup of milk as you slowly bring it to a boil:

Chopped dates (1 tbsp)

Chopped almonds (2 tsp)

Coconut meat or flakes (1 tbsp)

Saffron (1/2 tsp)

Ghee (1–2 tsp)

Cardamom (1/8 tsp)

2. Add ojas-building herbs to the milk (1/8 tsp or one 500mg capsule of each):
Shatavari (Strength of 100 Husbands, sometimes spelled Shatawari)
Ashwagandha (Strength of Ten Horses, sometimes spelled Ashwaganda)
3. Optional: Once the milk, herbs, foods and spices are cooked and off the flame, add 1 tsp of raw honey.

Drink one cup each night for 3 months to rebuild ojas levels to support sleep, immunity, and overall well-being.



  • 02/14/2018 8:51 PM | Jackie Cartwright
    Sounds delish! Shatavari is new to me I shall explore this herb. Many thanks!
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    • 02/19/2018 1:15 PM | Lorraine
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