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Music of the Soul by Tao Porchon-Lynch

05/21/2018 9:35 PM | Anonymous

The inner reality is expressed in the breath of life.

It opens up a vision and we experience a conscious pulsating in our heart.

We experience the essence of yoga.

As we turn inwards, it sparks the life force moving it throughout the journey of our passage in this world.

We become aware of the eternal oneness between all mankind and all creatures on this planet, as the song of peace reigns throughout creation.

There is no place where it is not part of the universe and beyond.

From the smallest insect to a blade of grass.

In every atom reveals itself at one.

Part of all living creatures and nature until when the breath leaves the body and we return to the soil.

Physical activity no matter how great, does not bring this awareness.

But when we become tuned into this power, the breath of life, we are no longer divided.

No longer foreign thoughts or frontiers divide us.

No longer do we need passports.

We can share the wisdom of the Gods and know and believe we can live in oneness and peace, for it reigns in the hearts of all.

Don’t try to be on this or that pendulum, but feel the wonder bring it into your heart.

Alive, it furnishes this page of my life with the renewal of spring.

A tiny star in a night sky sparks an aura of life.

A truth without fences makes me tumble out of the past and opens the door to this wonderful energy. It spreads it within my innermost self and manifests peace throughout the whole world.

Reprinted by permission from Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life (2d ed.) © 2011, 2015 Tao Porchon-Lynch.


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